Make Sure Your HVAC Pro Follows Instructions

Benefits Of Following The Installation Manual Provided By Your HVAC Unit Manufacturer

In any given area, temperatures will increase or fluctuate depending on what time it is as well as the climatic conditions of the said area. Owning an AC unit can help you get through the extremely hot and humid weather as well as the cold and chilly weather.

In the market today, you will find many different types of HVAC units with varying features which come in different designs. No matter the type of AC unit that you purchase, you will always find that most manufacturers recommend that you install your unit as per the specifications set out in the factory manual. This is not to say that you cannot carry out a DIY HVAC installation and make your own custom changes when during the installation process but there are several key reasons why most manufacturers recommend that you do not deviate from the recommended installation procedure.

So, what are some of the top reasons why most manufacturers recommend that you follow their HVAC installation manual to the letter?


Top Reasons Why You Should Carry Out HVAC Installation as Per Factory Specifications

  1. Most HVAC Models Come Designed Uniquely

Most AC manufacturers usually tend to hold unique design patents on the appliances that they manufacture. Though it may be hard to differentiate what sets AC models and brands apart given that they perform the same tasks, different manufacturers usually add or change the components or small details in the function of their units so that they are unique.

When you buy an AC unit from one manufacturer and install it as per the recommendations of another manufacturer, you are likely to mess with how the original manufacturer designed their product to work. Remember that when it comes to electronic appliances like AC units, something as small as a misplaced bolt or nut can end up having drastic ramifications on the how the gadget works.

  1. To Ensure That Your Gadget Functions Efficiently

Before releasing HVAC units to the market, manufacturers usually carry out rigorous tests for years on their products. This is usually to ensure that the end product functions optimally when installed properly.

Making custom changes during the installation process can therefore greatly impact on the efficacy of a HVAC unit. In fact, research shows that most customers who request manufacturers to accept product returns because their units are not working as advertised usually make one simple mistake; failure to follow the recommended installation procedures.

  1. To Avoid Safety Hazards

Most of the household fires in the US can be attributed to wrong connections in electrical appliances like AC units. As mentioned earlier, most AC unit models come designed and configured to operate differently. This means that if one manufacturer recommends a certain type of electrical connection, another manufacturer may have a different recommendation. Should you configure or connect your unit in a different way than the manufacturer intended, you may end up exposing yourself to a lot of risk. For example, setting up your unit in the improper way can lead to a fire or in some extreme cases, certain components within your unit can end up blowing up!

  1. To Increase the Lifespan of Your Unit

Before releasing units for sale, the Research and Development (RnD) divisions of any HVAC manufacturing companies, usually carry out tests on how to best connect the entire system so that it operates optimally for as long as possible. The installation instructions contained in the manufacturer’s manual are usually mostly based on the findings of the RnD divisions.

This simply means that should you fail to follow the instructions in the installation manual, you are essentially using your unit in a way that the manufacturer did not intend. This can lower the durability of your unit greatly.

  1. To Avoid Voiding the Product Warranty

A complete HVAC system is very costly. Given the costs involved in purchasing an AC unit, most manufacturers tend to offer a detailed guide on how to properly use their products. If you commit to using their products as per their guidance, most manufacturers will offer you buyer’s protection in the form of a warranty.

One thing that the warranties of electronic appliances usually stipulate is that you must use the item that you have purchased as per the guidance of the manufacturer. Failure to follow the recommended usage instructions usually leads to an automatic voidance of the product warranty.

Given that a warranty offers you protection in case your appliance gets damaged, you can always avoid having to pay for out-of-pocket repairs or buying a new unit by following the installation instructions that are contained in the factory manual.

A Simplified Guide on How to Ensure That You Follow the HVAC Factory Installation Instructions Recommended by Your Unit Manufacturer

The installation of a new AC unit or the replacement of an old unit is a complicated process that requires technical expertise. If you do not have any technical training, you always run the risk of making mistakes during the installation process.

The best way to ensure that you do not deviate from the instructions provided in the factory manual? Hire a certified HVAC technician to handle the installation of your HVAC unit.

Considering that there are many brands and models of HVAC units in the market, you should take care to ensure that the technician that you hire is licensed or certified by the manufacturer who designed your specific type of AC unit. Alternatively, the technician that you hire should have extensive experience in handling HVAC installations.

For the best results during the installation process, here are things that you should check for when hiring a HVAC installation contractor:

–              They should be trained and certified by your AC unit manufacturer in handling installations

–              They should be seasoned in handling installation tasks

–              They should have great customer reviews

–              They should have glowing testimonials from clients who have sought HVAC installation services in the past

–              They should be highly rated in customer service platforms such as the Better Business Bureau

–              They should not have any outstanding customer complaints

If you follow the tips above when finding a HVAC installation technician, you will get to enjoy the benefits that come with following your AC unit manufacturer’s factory installation manual.

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